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Plymouth has been a centre for defence for centuries. Despite the many challenges posed, the city’s defence sector has excelled.

Home to the largest naval base in Western Europe, Plymouth is due to welcome one of the most expensive items on the UK balance sheet, Dreadnought. In preparation, investments of over £1 billion will secure submarine and nuclear work for the next 70 years. At present His Majesty’s Naval Base and Dockyard Devonport contributes over £700m to the Plymouth economy and supports the employment of nearly 14,000 across the city. Looking ahead, Plymouth stands ready to support the future work at Devonport.


Full Time Employees (FTE)


Gross Value Added (GVA)



Plymouth and its surrounding area is home to a rich ecosystem of world-renowned defence research capabilities and private sector businesses. Set within an unrivalled geographic location providing access to the UK’s first 5G testbed for marine innovation in Smart Sound Plymouth. The city boasts key development opportunities located at South Yard and Turnchapel Wharf.

D-5 'Vigilant' alongside the PRT Berth

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