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Powering Innovation

Plymouth, a city brimming with innovation, is the proud home to a multitude of pioneering companies and organisation. It boasts high-quality infrastructure; a growing pool of dynamic start-ups; inspired talent and a focus on nurturing the right environment for businesses to remain at the forefront of industry.

The city recognises the growth potential that an innovation driven economy can bring to a place, as such innovation is consistently being embedded into the city’s long term strategies and future plans.

Plymouth is the perfect place to ‘live, work and play’.

Plymouth is successfully winning investment and engagement through the opportunities we can offer both individuals and businesses. In every priority area, there are many more beside, as we work with local stakeholders to set bespoke objectives; unlocking investment, generating opportunity and transforming our city through the lens of pride, innovation and sustainability.

There is a plethora of innovation support for businesses in Plymouth. Whether a start-up or established business there is sure to be one element of the support on offer that will aid you in your journey.