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Net Zero & Low Carbon

The Climate Emergency requires urgent and accelerated action. Plymouth City Council has pledged to make Plymouth carbon neutral by 2030, exceeding the UK’s objective of net zero by 2050.

We cannot achieve net zero alone. It needs the collaboration and commitment of everyone in the city. That is why the city has a delivery plan for net zero, which shows how it will reduce its own emissions and support others to do the same.

Key Priorities

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Cutting emissions from travel and buildings

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Boosting low carbon energy generation

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Consuming responsibly and reducing waste

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Engaging the whole city in its net zero mission

Invest Plymouth also works with local businesses and new investors to reduce their carbon footprint and join the ‘Together for our Planet’ business campaign. This campaign helps small businesses to lower their own emissions and use green supply chains. This benefits businesses and consumers who want environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services.

The Plymouth and South Devon Freeport is working to reduce carbon emissions through existing and innovative technologies, such as electrification and hydrogen, as part of its Innovation Hotbed.

The Council urges its businesses to be responsible for their own carbon footprint and use the many resources available to help them. There is a wealth of assistance out there including our own business support programme via our Shared Prosperity fund.